Print Sizing Guide

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So you've found the landscape photo that's just perfect for your home but you're not sure what size to get. We get it! It can be a really difficult thing to visualise measurements and how a particular print will look on your walls. That's why we've put together the following reference guide to help you make the best decision possible. The guide below uses average height figures as a reference to canvas and print sizes (ie males 179cm, females 165cm).

Photo Ratios Explained

Depending on the artwork, different size crops suit different images better. We have a standardised range of image sizes and crops that we continually use, the idea being that if you want to get a set of images you'll be able to get sizes that match one another.

The ratio of a print simply refers to its width compared to its height and is stated in that order - so a print that is 100cm x 50cm has a 2:1 ratio (panoramic).

We offer four types of image ratios / orientations.

1. Traditional landscape orientation
2. Portrait / vertical orientation
3. Panoramic orientation
4. Square orientation

Traditional Landscape Orientation:

3:2 Ratio 

The 3:2 landscape orientation is a common format for capturing landscape photos. The 3:2 ratio often lends itself perfectly to capturing sky and scenery in a beautiful and aesthetically balanced way giving the photographer the opportunity to frame the horizon on either the upper or lower third which leads to a compelling and interesting composition.

 Portrait / Vertical Format:


5:4 Ratio

2:3 Ratio

 1:2 Ratio

Panoramic Format:

Our hugely popular panoramic prints are an ideal way to span a wider wall space with some of New Zealand's striking scenery. The very nature of a panoramic landscape lends itself to giving your home or office space that real wow factor. Our pano images are often a result of stitching multiple photos together. This results in a highly detailed picture enabling us to print in fabulous detail in very large sizes. Our three main ratios are 2:1, 3:1 and 4:1.

 4:1 Ratio

3:1 Ratio 

 2:1 Ratio


Square Format:

1:1 Ratio