Anthony Turnham, Landscape Photographer

Anthony Turnham is a British born professional photographer who now calls beautiful New Zealand home.  Surrounded by wonderful scenery Anthony enjoys getting out and about in the beautiful countryside and photographing what New Zealand offers.

Anthony Turnham lives in small town Rangiora, North Canterbury with his New Zealand born wife and their two school aged children. As a result, the family take many trips away to explore New Zealand and capture the gorgeous landscapes. Living in New Zealand provides many opportunities to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle as a family and a career as a landscape photographer. From small seaside towns to icy cold glaciers, from lush green forests to breathtaking mountains there is so much variety to the landscape of New Zealand.

Anthony’s Passion for Landscape Photography

Originally an artist and graphic designer, Anthony Turnham started getting serious about photography in the late 1990’s. In his younger years Anthony used to spend hours creating paintings that were photorealistic. It then became obvious to him he should just take a photograph instead. Overall Anthony discovered that photography can deliver much quicker results. However it still provides him with a creative outlet.

Anthony Turnham’s photography depicts the beauty he sees all around him. Presented with a fantastic view or an amazing landscape can stir emotions and memories for many people.  Because of this Anthony loves the challenge of capturing this beauty through the camera lens. Additionally, by sharing and selling photos on this website, this allows others to treasure the memories themselves.

The End Result

The images on this website are a result of a blend of great photography and creative digital techniques. Anthony captures the images with high end professional camera equipment. He then recreates through print what he was seeing and feeling at the time he was a part of the landscape. The photos Anthony takes all have a sense of artistry. They also deliver visual impact. However the imagery always remains true to the environment in which it was taken. Getting the balance right is a tricky process but in the end the photography speaks for itself.